Patrol Hours & Competition Requirements

The Ellis Beach SLSC patrol members must complete their patrol hours to be eligible to compete at NQ Branch Carnival Campionships, NQ Branch Surf Rescue Championships, QLD State Titles and Australian Titles.

Take note that a minimum number of patrol hours are to be obtained by active Ellis Beach SLSC members before each carnival.  This means if you don’t do your patrols throughout the season, the Ellis Beach SLSC may not allow you to register for these carnivals. This is also to make it easier for patrolling members towards the end of the season and you are not having to do extra patrols at the busy end of the season to make up their 25 hours.

The NQ Branch Championships require Active members to have 25 patrolling hours to compete, as they are controlled under the Surf Life Saving Queensland Policy.  For new members these hours are calculated on a pro rata bases.

All members from 13 years of age are bound by the SLSA Patrol Exemption/Obligation Policy which is set out in the SLSA Regulations. Under no circumstances shall any competitor be granted Patrol or Club duty exemption solely upon or for competition reasons.

If you wish to compete at the State or Australian Surf Life Saving Championships you MUST have completed you Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate Proficiency BEFORE the 31st of December and have completed 25 patrol hours in that calendar year.

Anyone who is deemed to have extenuating circumstances and is unable to comply with the minimum patrol hours per carnival should contact their Patrol Captain or the Club Captain ASAP to work out a solution.

NQ Pool Rescue:          28 Jun 2020                   Smithfield 

Carnival 1:                     25-26 Jul 2020               Port Douglas           16 hours

Carnival 2:                     15-16 Aug 2020              Cairns                      16 hours

Carnival 3:                      05-06 Sep 2020               Ellis Beach              16 hours

NQ Branch Champs:     10-11 Oct 2020                 Etty Bay                  25 hours