What an amazing effort for a team from the far north to finish 7th overall in such a classy field!

Considering all the obstacles in their way – cyclones, floods, crocs, stingers, and out of season training the results were unreal.

Our Ellis members and competitors did the club proud both on and off the beach and were perfect ambassadors for the club, the branch and the sport.

Take a bow Melinda Jackson, Sue Crowe, Jeremy Godfrey, Gary Williams and  Marty Lambert for your efforts throughout the championships. The team were hot and looked hot all due to the efforts of our fashionistas Donna Kreuter and Sue Fry in designing the uniforms.

The biggest accolade and fondest farewell goes to John Raymond (Mr Logistics) for his tireless efforts in getting the team fed, watered and sheltered for the last 5 years  – you’ll be sadly missed on the next tour after you’ve hung up your driving thongs!